10 things you might get from Overconsumption Carbohydrates

What if Overconsumption of Carbohydrates

Here are just some of the things that result from eating too many refined carbohydrates!

The most common feature of insulin resistance is that it causes exhaustion.

Brain fog
Insulin resistance is often metal. The most evident symptom is an inability to concentrate.

Low Blood sugar
Feeling jittery and moody is common in insulin resistance; once you eat,you feel immediate relief.

Intestinal bloating
Most intestinal gas is produced from too many carbohydrates.

Tired after meals
The main side effect of consuming meals that contain more than 30 percent carbohydrates is being sleepy.

Increased fat storage and weight
The most evident symptom in men is a large abdomen; in women, fat is stored on the hips and thighs.

Increased triglycerides
Even people who aren’t overweight can have excess fat in their arteries because of insulin resistance.

Increased blood pressure
Doctors now recognize that most people with hypertension have too much insulin and are insulin resistance.

Carbohydrates are a natural “downer,” which depress the brain. Depressed people often also suffer from insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is also prevalent in people addicted to alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, or other drugs.

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