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What Man Should Have By 30 ?

  Filled in: Life  - April 20th, 2012

10 Things Man should have by 30

Recently, I’ve been reading an article from Mary King regarding what man and women should do by 30. She has inspired me to write what man should have by 30. Base on my own experience and certain strong points from that article, I’ve included a summary of the 10 things Man should have by 30.

Here are the 10 Things

Hurt someone who love you
Someone love you but you don't love someone
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Creative Thai During Floods

  Filled in: Life  - November 23rd, 2011

While flooding in Thailand

This is the worst flooding in more than half a century for Thailand. However, there are some Creative Thai people are able to overcome the difficulty and living without fear and even enjoy their moment. Here some of the selected pictures from Forum.
Creative Thai
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10 Selected Graphic Inspirational Quotes about Life

  Filled in: Life, People Skills  - October 23rd, 2011

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes (Life Version)

Here 10 Selected Graphic Inspirational Quotes about Life. Those quotes might give you strength and encouragement to keep fighting on. In particular, to get you thinking about life.

Love Life Inspirational Quotes
Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it.
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Top 10 Great Inspirational / Innovative Quotes from Steve Jobs

  Filled in: Life, People Skills  - October 7th, 2011

Steve Jobs’s Most Famous Quotes

Innovative is very crucial if one has to reach at Top in any business field. Without a doubt, Steve Job is one of greatest innovator in Today’s world. Here is a compilation of Top 10 quotes from the man who has inspired all of us.

Top 10 Great Inspirational / Innovative Quotes from Steve Jobs
“I want to put a ding in the universe.”
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Remembering Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

  Filled in: Life  - October 6th, 2011

Apple Genius Steve Jobs dies age 56

Steve Paul Jobs was born 24 Feb 1955 and he had battled cancer since 2004. On 24 August 2011, Steve Jobs Resigns As CEO Of Apple. The resignation letter highlighted that he could no longer meet his duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO. Today (5 October 2011), the Apple Press Info announce that Steve Jobs passed away peacefully today.

Steve Paul Jobs 1955 -2011

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