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Language is a method of human communication. It is the use of words in a structured and conventional way. However, Today is all about quick and mobile internet. Here is a list of the most common text message and chat expressions in Dota may interest you.

P = Push
B = Back
G1 = Good one
w8 = wait
wp = well play
gl = good luck
ty = thank you
N1 = Nice one.
BG = Bad Game
ms = missing
Cd = Means a certain spell is on Cooldown
VGG = Very Good Game
LOL = laugh out loud
BRB = be right back
DPS = damage per second
Def – Defend your base, tower or Tree of Life/Frozen Throne
Top = top or left lane
Mid = middle or center
Btm/bot = bottom or right lane
Care = Means be careful, you might be about to get ganked.
Ulti = They want you to use your final Spell.
Rosh = Go to roshan and help your team get aegis.
Stun = use a stun spell on an enemy
Heal = use a healing ability to yourself or ally.
Farm = Means go to a neutral creep camp
solo = go alone
noob = newbie of the game.
Carry = hero that shine late game.

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