Fiber Power: Essential for a healthy diet

Eat more Fiber

If you were going to make only one change to your diet. we’d probably recommend this: Eat More Fiber. Fiber is awesome and very much underappreciated. Its many benefits include the following:
– It suppresses appetite and cravings and helps you feel full.
– It dampens the rise in your blood sugar and insulin levels after a meal.
– It decreases inflammation
– It lowers blood pressure.
– It improves your cholesterol profile.
– It helps remove toxins from your system.
– It feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut.

All fiber-rich foods are classified as carbohydrates, but not all carbohydrates are rich in fiber. Certain carbs – like so-called healthy whole=grain bread, crackers, and breakfast cereals- do contain a little bit of fiber, but most likely less than you think. Therefore, eat more beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, low-sugar vegetables, low-sugar fruits, and few select grains in small portions, such as steel-cut oatmeal, wild rice,and quinoa.

Foods High in Fiber Do Double Duty
Nuts, Seeds, and avocados are not only an excellent source of fiber, but they also qualify as smart fat. Beans and legumes also provide protein.

Top High Fiber Foods

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