Good Foods that work overtime

Good Foods to eat!

You have probably noticed that some foods fall into more than one of our must-have categories of smart fat, protein, and fiber:

  • Nuts and Seeds: smart fat and fiber
  • Beans and legumes: protein and fiber
  • Eggs: smart fat and protein
  • Fish: smart fat and protein

We love it when great-tasting foods do more than one thing! This is smart double-dipping.

Smart Fat
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The ideal diet has to have just the right amount of protein. This particularly true when you are trying to lose weight because protein helps you feel full and helps the body burn calories more efficiently.

Fiber makes you feel full and satisfied, which sets you up for successful weight loss. Eat fiber to shed pounds, lower your blood sugar levels and blood pressure, and improve your cholesterol profile. When you combine fiber with smart fat and protein, you’ll reach your weight-loss goals and lower your risk for developing many diseases.

More about Fiber, please read Fiber Power: Essential For A Healthy Diet

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