My Northern Road India Trip (DAY7-9)

My Northern Road India Trips (Winter retreat)

DAY 7 – 9th Dec 2007
8.00 am – Going to Gulmarg by Jeep

Gulmarg (or “Flower Meadow”) is a town and a notified area committee in Baramula district in Jammu and Kashmir.

The rich verdure with the snow-capped tips provide an ideal ambiance for the skiing and winter sports.

The surrounding areas were politically restive during the 1990s uprising in Kashmir, but after a ceasefire between India and Pakistan in 2003, the town is now enjoying a period of relative peace and quiet.

On the way to Gulmarg

Gulmarg is nestled within the imposing Himalayan peaks, and lies within miles of the Line of Control.

Play ground for tobogganing

I take a gondola ride high above the meadows and snow covered slopes of Apherwat and Khilanmarg Mountain.

10th Dec 2007

8.00 am — Sightseeing around houseboat (Dal Lake) by shikara

See how they do business

11.30 am – Transfer to Srinagar Airport
On the whole, the security check of airport is very strict. First check point take place during the way to the departure hall; all the luggages have to be scan as well as body checking. Second and third check point, remain same procedure as above. After the third check point, we have to identify our check-in luggage or else our luggage’s will not sent to Delhi. Last check point handle by the Air India official (this one is not so stringy).

After dinner (9.30 pm), transfer to the International Airport Delhi. In overall, the airport is quite disorganized (renovation). In the mean times, the Air India counter closed and only open at 10.00 pm. Not so long, after getting our boarding pass, we have to go through a strict check-point.

Transit at Bangkok Airport at 5.30 am and reach Singapore at 7.50 am (Singapore time 10.20)

DAY 9 – 11th Dec 2007
10.30 am – Home

6 thoughts on “My Northern Road India Trip (DAY7-9)

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog on India trip! I am planning a trip to visit also Srinagar and Bulmarg in early April. But I want to go with local tour from Delhi (kinda feel safer that way :P) ..just wondering if you have any idea on good local tour agent?
    did you find any good boat house in Srinagar?


  2. @Kathie
    Dear Kathie, in fact, i sign-up the tour in singapore

    In term of Srinagar, there is one things i didnt mention about my day 5. In day 5, Due to the heavy fog in Kashmir, I have to wait for half day in Jammu Airport (mid way to kashmir) to receive the confirmation from the HQ whether able to fly to Kashmir. Unfortunately, we have to flight back to Delhi as the Fog getting worst. After reached Delhi, i had been spend a very long times to claim and to ask for the replacement, hotel and transport arrangement.

    As a result, check the weather in advance as well as remember to buy travel insurance.

    Anywhere, The houseboat that that i stayed call
    Shalimar Palace , Person-in-charge = M. Shafi Karnai
    Add:Behind Hotel Leeward, Nehru Park. Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir
    Tel: +91-194-2500164
    mobile: +91-94190 05504

  3. Thanks for the information! by the way, did you like the houseboat you stayed in tho? did they have hot water and was the owner reasonably honest?

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