Shawnliv Selected 8 Fresh & Creative Advertising Ideas 2014

Creative and Clever Advertisements

That is a good example of a picture is worth a thousand words.
Chupa Chups : A sugar free lollipops and even army ant raids passing through it.
Chupa Chups

Guinness: Enjoy Responsibly. All the smart Phones Down, please!
Focus on the beer they’re and the friends they are with.
Guinness: Enjoy Responsibly

A good threathen advertisement. Ecovia: Stop the Violence, Dont drink and drive.
Ecovia: Stop the Violence

Advertisement from German Weight Watchers weight control. Control your weight in order to exit.
German Weight Watchers weight control

Advertisement from Oogmerk eyewear brand. The important of getting your appearance.
You want to look like a butcher or an artist ? or a professor or a truck driver ?
Oogmerk eyewear brand
Oogmerk eyewear brand

Nivea Men。「Because Life Makes Wrinkles」Worry lines, Kids. Because life makes wrinkles.
Nivea Men

Creative Museum Campaign about Russian Architecture – Discover the full story.
Creative Museum Campaign WE. How to build a lasting relationship ?
Cut down the M and rotate it to 180 degrees to W. WE to work on it together. WE

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