ShawnLiv Selected Top 8 Chinese New Year Ads 2018 [video]

1.The Joyous Taste of Reunion (团圆的味道你紧记的好味道)

Every family must have their own signature dish for Chinese New Year? Check out these signature delicacies from 6 different dialects that bring out the warmth and joy of reunion. This Chinese New Year, let Lee Kum Kee celebrate The Joyous Taste of Reunion with your family.

2. #PETRONAS CNY 2018: A Long Way Home

Are you prepared for the long road home this Chinese New Year? #ALongWayHome #PETRONASCNY2018 #PETRONASCNY #festive

3. Maybank Chinese New Year 2018 – Red Packet

Red packets are monetary gifts (in little red envelopes) that are handed out during special occasions eg. Chinese New Year.
It is usually given, in a ceremony, by an elder member of the family to the younger (from parents to children).

4.The Coming Together – TNB Chinese New Year 2018

Chinese New Year brighter when we all are in it Together

5. Sekawan Selamanya – Chinese New Year Short Film by Celcom

Love is our birthright. Acceptance is our heritage.

6.Eu Yan Sang Malaysia CNY 2018 | 余仁生-别让爱,空等待

Never be too busy for the people you love. Spend more time with your family this Chinese New Year.

7. Setia CNY TVC 2018 | Stay Together. Stay Setia

The chopsticks represent the value of grace, strength and togetherness. Together, they find a purpose.

8. AIA Malaysia – From the Heart, From the Start | Chinese New Year 2018

All reunions signify the togetherness of family, yet some take a step further. As we are reminded to celebrate this festive season with our dear ones, discover how love can transform reunions to mean something truly special.

So, What’s Your Flavor?

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