Shvonne First Rainforest Kayaking in Kuching

Things to do with kids in Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

Kayaking is our core activity in our Kuching Trip. So, we actually sign up a package from The Rucksack Rainforest Kayaking. For one thing, the kayaking trips are suitable for children (must accompanied by an adult). According to their official website, the tour is headed by Jacquelyn and Samantha – two nature-loving adventurers who are on a mission to spread the love for kayaking, greenery and culture!

In the event that,  the kayak begin from Bidayuh Village to Kpg. Semadang, Borneo Highlands through Sungai Sarawak Kiri. It is about 11km long and roughly 2 hours to reach to our end point.

Bidayuh Lunch

First and foremost, local lunch at Bidayuh Village.

Overall, the food was delicious and a very peaceful environment.
Bidayuh Village - Preparation
After lunch, we were fully armed and prepare for kayaking.
Bidayuh Village - Kayaking Briefing
Briefing and learning kayaking in 3 minutes.

Let’s Go!
Sungai Kiri - Kayaking start

The video

Breathtaking views
Breathtaking views - Rainforest Kayaking

Last, swimming and photo stop!
Rainforest Kayaking - beach
Rainforest Kayaking - Swimming
As a whole, it is an amazing experience and fun family outing!
Most importantly my kid love it!

Additional information:
WHAT TO WEAR? T-shirt, shorts, swim wear and waterproof shoes/sandals.
WHAT TO BRING? Insect repellent, sun block, a hat, extra set of clothes, small towel.
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