10 Uniques and Funnies Signatures

The Signatures Everyone should have their own unique and authentic signature. So, what your signature look like? Simple? Complicated ? or something similar to the pics below? Here a list of 10 Uniques and Funnies Signatures! If you don’t have one, you might refer to...

Yet Another Funny Crazy and Creative Advertisement

What is a Good Advertisement ? A good advertisement should be able to making a good first impression.Something that funny, interesting and easy to point the uniqueness of the the products or services. Accordingly, if the advertisement not able to attract the attention of the...

Why Women take longer time in the bathroom

How Women Spend time in the bathroom For man, Do you actually have a question why women take so long in the bathroom ? Here is your answer, the Bathroom User Instructions for Man and Women.

Creative & Unique MoonCake Collection

Crazy Moon Cake Design In Chinese Cultures, the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival fall on 15th Day of the 8th Month (Chinese Calendar). Generally, moon cakes are eaten to commemorate to Chinese legend and the bum is represent the “moon”. Today, moon cakes styles and flavors...

This is How Creative Eggs Can Be

Creative and Funny Eggs You may try to have the fun with the daily common things such as egg. Paint the eggs with funny emotion and some simple storyline. In particular, a good camera view to show this amazing scenes as shown below.

The Reason Why Osama Bin Laden Caught

How Barack Obama caught Osama bin Laden Found this in GenPlace forum, very funny and interesting pictures to share. BREAKING!!!! This is how Barack Obama know where Osama bin Laden was BREAKING!!!! This is How Barack Obama caught Osama bin Laden