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ShawnLiv Selected Top 8 Chinese New Year Ads 2018 [video]

1.The Joyous Taste of Reunion (团圆的味道你紧记的好味道) Every family must have their own signature dish for Chinese New Year? Check out these signature delicacies from 6 different dialects that bring out the warmth and joy of reunion. This Chinese New Year, let Lee Kum Kee celebrate The Joyous Taste of Reunion with your family.

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Top 4 Fengshui Bath Room Tips

The Bath Room The Bathroom presents a rather delicate situation because water, the fundamental element in this room, plays a dual role. It is essential for washing away dirt and eliminating impurities, but at the same time, water is the symbol of money.

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The Rules of Ch'i

Practical Feng Shui The flow of energy is dependent on a number of things , and the way it flows varies, too. Ch’i has certain likes and dislikes, and if we want it to flow well, we are advised to prepare the groundwork first. If we don’t, the ch’i can stagnate, become too fast, become… Read More The Rules of Ch'i