10 Creative and Beautiful Latte Art

Cafe: The Art of Latte It is a style of art by pouring steamed milk on the surface of espresso shot. Generally, the pattern or design created by drawing in the top layer of foam. Here are the 10 examples of latte creative art. Bruce...

Top 10 Memorable Quotes for August Rush

My Top 10 Memorable quotes for August Rush (2007) / Movie Trailer One of my flavor Drama. It is a drama with fairy tale elements, where an orphaned musical prodigy uses his gift as a clue to finding his birth parents. August Rush Listen. Can...

His Stage of Love in a Year

A Simple Love Story for a guy within a year :) JANUARY – ROSE                   FEBRUARY – PROPOSE MARCH – GIFT           APRIL – LIFT

Top 8 Hazardous Materials for Relationships and Love

Hazardous Materials for Relationships and Love 1. Negative Images Don’t cloud your corner with unhappy thoughts. Pictures of ex-lovers, icebergs, limp noodles, riots, or the Hindenburg explosion won’t foster loving thoughts. Thoughts are energy too, very much related to the energy of love. 2. Unfriendly...

Top 10 Power Tools for Relationships and Love

Top 10 Tips for Relationships and Love 1. Mirrors Love is energy and energy is living thing. Control this energy by bouncing it around the room using mirrors. 2. Candles Candles generate heat and energy. Heat up your corner and heat up your love life.

All Is Love Icons Download

全是爱[love]icons More 70 Love Icons (gif animation)available for you to download Save your flavor one and send to your beloved.