Tips to Setting Goals – SMART Goals

SMART Goals Now it is time to set your goals, select your destination, chart your course, for a definite, and successful future. If haven’t set goals for yourself before, there is an excellent acronym that can help you. The acronym is SMART, and leads you...

Healthy Eating: Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day in order for you to refuels your body and jump-starts your day For breakfast, you can choose from any sort of egg dish – hard-boiled eggs – omelets – crusltess quiche – bacon Please follow and...

How to Deal with Fear and Worry

Studies have shown that all the things we worry about in life: 87% never happen 7% actually occur 6% you will have some influence over the outcome Please follow and like us:

The 17 Powerless Phrases you must Remove from Your Vocabulary

People Skills This is a list of some of the most damaging words and phrases you can speak. These phrases appear to say one thing while they in fact reveal the emotions, feeling and prejudices of the speaker. Eliminate them from your own vocabulary because...

The 12 Most Powerful Words You Can Use

The 12 Most Powerful Words You Can Use A study at the University of California shoed the most persuasive words in spoken language are: Please follow and like us: