Creative Business Name Card Designs

25 New Creative Name Card Designs

1. Nursery Garden Name Card

All you need to do is to follow the instructions as above as well as wait for 4 days.
After all, you will see the plants growing as below .

2. It is the name card for terrain construction enterprise. It is printed with a small garden landscape,pour some water inside, after few day, you will see the plants growing (as below)

3. The Farm : Attached with the sample product on the name card

4. Map, This name card represent a map, facilitated people to find you

5. Scrap and Win ( Scarp to get the contact details)

6. Tailor’s name card in Three-dimensional

7. It just look alike as the packaging of medicine

8. This is  completely engraves

9. Phnom Penh

10. Dentist’s name card, a good profound of tooth.

11. Metal surface

12. Interesting Slogans

13. Relief

14. Does it like clothes’ drop?

15.  The name card brings thread

16. Collision’s result

17. The silk thread enters the stage, with “Creativity County fair” a cover design pathway.

18. An interesting lace

19. Three dimensional Plastic material name card.

20. Metal Style

21. Lovely cat’s tair

22. Prints with paper material

23. Creative Typesetting

24. Fan-shaped

25. Belt Design Envelope

26. Ticket to My Office



29.Iron name card ~)


31. Thin sliver

32. Transparent

33. Thickens transparent name card

34. Eyelet image

35. Foldable

36. You have to pull it, in order to read the words clearly

37. You can eat this if you’re hungry

38. X light picture works as background…

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