Every Difficult Relationships has Lesson

    Tips to Improve People Skills

As much as difficult relationships can give us heartburn and sleepless nights, they are essential part of growth as pepole.

Difficult relationships not only teach us a lot abut others, but they also teach us more about ourselves – such as what pushes our buttons and what boundaries we will not go beyond.

In essenc, they are the sandpaper that hones and polishes us. And sometimes the powers that put those people in our way to teach us lessons and help us grow to new levels of strength and maturity – and forgiveness

And difficult relationships – difficult people in particular – give us practice in putting our people skills to test. It’s been said that it’s easy to be angel when no one ruffles your feathers.


Difficult relationships are like sandpaper. They hone and polish us.

But difficult relationships are the litmus test for how evolved we really are in dealing with people, and managing ourselves in the process.

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