Expressing Your Purpose in All Your Life Domains

The Purpose of Life

It is easy to think of purpose in relation to work and home. But these are only two of eight domains, or areas, of your life. And your purpose will flow through every part of your life.

Purpose of life

If your purpose shows up in only one domain, then you may have a goal, mission, or a vision but not your purpose.

The Eight Domains of Life

1. Work/Career (including volunteer work)

2. Physical (your body)

3. Financial (spend, save, donate money)

4. Leisure ( play, hobbies, travel)

5. Family (immediate, extended, and “created”)

6. Spiritual (prayer, meditation, spiritual practices)

7. Creative (writing, cooking, gardening, crafting and etc)

8. Learning (education, e-learning, experiential and etc)

Reference: Braham

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