Received Kewei Einein EP – KEEP!

Your Next Flavor Music Group – KeWeiEinEin

– Hand-made EP
– Hong Kong Debut Showcase
– KEEP! Launch
– Mail Order

This Hand-made EP is special produced by Kewei & Einein. This 2 brainchild ladies (Singapore) almost involve everything in their creation of this EP. Which are music composition, art direction, production, printing , distribution and etc. Here,  The making of Keep!

According to their website, Kewei & Einein have won fans from all over the world, and while preparing for a debut showcase in Hong Kong, a simple, acoustic, hand-made EP from the heart was planned as a memento for Hong Kong fans.

In brief, there are 3 songs in this EP.
1. Come Closer by Kei Wei ( Remember to come closer to them and say “Hi”)
2. 一首情歌 (Love Song) by Ein Ein (featured in Joi Chua’s album as 《一刻暧昧》)
3. 我就是这样(This is Me) by Keiwei EinEin

For more information refer to their website at

At this moment, this EP (Limited copies) only available in mail order and kindly refer here to make an order Now :)

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