Vietnam Hanoi and Ha long Bay Travel December 2013 – Part 4

Vietnam Hanoi and Ha long Bay December – Day 4: Ha Long Bay – Hanoi

After breakfast, visit to the Pearl Farm at Halong Bay

Pearl Farm at Halong Bay
Pearl Farm at Halong Bay

Oyster and pearl at a pearl farm in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Pearl Farm at Halong Bay

The demonstration of planting pearl seeds on oyster shells.

Pearl Farm at Halong Bay

After spent about half an hour here, return back to the cruise for early lunch.

“The Luxury Imperial Cruise”

Lunch on cruise

Lunch on cruise

After lunch, return to Ha Noi.

return to Ha Noi

About 3 hours, we reached Hanoi and proceed to a local restaurant for dinner.

Hanoi restaurant for dinner

After dinner, proceed to Hanoi night market. Hanoi night market, also known as Dong Xuan night market, held on weekend (Fri-Sunday), in the Old Quarter of Ha Noi. Overall, I think it is worth a visit to experience the local lifestyle. You can see locals and tourists mingle along the streets. People were everywhere and the locals like to push their way through the crowd. On the other hand, many reviews and my tour guide do remind me regarding the pickpocketing issues. Therefore, I keep all my valuables at the hotel.

ng Xuan night market

As a whole, many stalls were selling the same things and isn’t much unique stuffs being sold here. Therefore, walk back half way and return to hotel.

End of Day 4

Day 5: Hanoi – Singapore

Hotel breakfast

Hotel breakfast - Hanoi

After breakfast, transfer to Hanoi airport for your flight home.

Hanoi Airport

Lunch on board

vietname airline

Good Bye Vietnam ☺

Looking forward to the next trip

The End

Vietnam Hanoi and Ha long Bay Travel December 2013
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