2009 Forecast for the year of Ox (Xuan Kong Flying Star)

Xuan Kong Flying Star

The four auspicious sectors are: South East, South, Northwest and Centre as highlighted in Red below.

The five inauspicious sectors are Northeast, North, East, Southwest and West..

Northeast (inauspicious)

This year, the Grand Duke 太岁(Tai Sui) is in this area. Houses or apartments sitting on Northeast facing Southwest are sitting directly on Tai Sui. For such house or apartment, avoid renovation. If you must, please seek a professional Metaphysics consultant to choose an auspicious date. For other houses or apartments, refrain from renovating this sector also. Keep the Northeast sector quiet.

In addition, the Flying Star 3 flies in to this sector. Star 3 is argumentative and conflict star. Keep this sector as quiet as possible so as not to stir up the quarrelsome energies of this year. It can bring disputes and disagreements. Avoid using this area if possible. Otherwise, place a red lamp or object to dissipate the negative energies.

North (inauspicious)

Yellow 5 Star 五黄arrive in this sector this year and it will bring illness, accidents and obstacles. If your house or apartment is sitting north, facing south, it is advisable that you do not renovate your house for this year. If need to, please consult a professional Metaphysics consultant to choose a good date. If your front door or living room is in this area, place a 6‐metal coins cure in this area. You can also place a salt coin cure in this area permit. Note that all Feng Shui cure has to be placed before the Ox year starts. If possible, avoid using this area.

East (inauspicious)

The `Shan Sha’ 三煞 or Robbery Stars are also said to be in this area. Offending San Sha may bring losses or accidents. It is only bad if activated. Do not do renovation work. If need to, consult a professional Metaphysics consultant before commencement of work. In addition, Robbery Star 7 also appears in this sector. With double robbery stars at this sector this year, be extra vigilant. If you front door is at the East sector, be careful of thief or robbery. Always keep your door locked.

Southwest (inauspicious)

The Year Breaker 岁破 (Sui Po) is located here this year. You are advised not to do renovation work and ground‐breaking. If such tasks need to be carried out, do consult a professional Metaphysics consultant before commencement of work. Otherwise, you could be struck with bad luck for up to 3 years!

Promotion Star 6 resides in this sector. However, this sector is also the Year Breaker sector. As such, activation for promotion has to be done carefully. You do not want to activate the negative star instead.

West (inauspicious)

Star 2 brings stress and health problems. You may be more prone to falling ill. If possible, minimised usage of this sector.

Southeast (auspicious)

The wealth star 8 brings money luck. If you main door is located in this sector, you will find excellent financial stability. If not, activate this area simply by using it more often. Or place a water feature here.

Northwest (auspicious)

The auspicious 1 star brings opportunities and prosperity. Good for personal growth and do well in exams and promotion. Suggestion: Put water feature (i.e. fountain or aquarium) to activate the favourable energies.

South (auspicious)

The wisdom 4 star ‘wen chang’ position or romance star is here. Good to study or do work in this area. You can also put a vase of water with 4 bamboos in it, a pencil holder with 4 writing brushes 文房四宝, or a green pagoda 文昌塔 to improve personal advancement. If you are single and looking for life partner, use fresh flowers in water to enhance romance luck.

Centre (auspicious)

Star 9 brings promotion and opportunities. Place a ‘Yang’ object i.e. wind chime, water feature or a chime clock to activate the good star.


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