5 Steps for Planning Action

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance PIctures

The key to implementing good intentions is to create and follow an action plan for work and life. Identify your objectives, clarify your goals, discuss your plans with those will be involved in them, and set yourself achievable targets.

1. Clarify an objective you want to achieve
For example: I want a better balance between my love and life.

2. Look ay why you want to achieve this
For example: I want to speend more time with family

3. Find the information you will need
For example: I need to spend find out about working flextime.

4. Think about the potential consequences
For example: I need to discuss my new hours with my colleagues.

5. Make sure that you are responsible for the goal.
For example: I am committed to achieving this goal.

Questions To Ask Yourself

1. Am I clear about what I want to achieve?

2. How will I know I have achieved it?

3. Do I need more information?

4. Am I willing and able to take responsibility for my goals?

5. How will I reward my myself for success?

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