Annah Rais Longhouse Adventure

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Annah Rais Longhouse Adventure is one of the last surviving longhouses of the Bidayuh community with its dwellers still observing age-old tradition and culture. The village is estimated to be over a hundred years old, and has expanded in all directions throughout the century. The Bidayuh tribe is also known as Land Dayaks, who were once the headhunters.annah_rais_longhouse_01After registered of attendant, we were served with a glass of Tuak. Tuak is a Sarawakian term for rice wine.
annah_rais_longhouse_03The massive longhouse is interconnected by a wooden or bamboo walkway, surrounded by individual houses. All of the houses and front doors are connected by pathways like one entire village is connected together with home run restaurants, grocery shops and the local home-grown products.

“Karum” a traditional tea known as ‘Bakah Baras’ in Bidayuh Biatah language. Good taste!

Most of the villagers here do farming, paddy planting, cocoa and pepper harvesting and fishing.
annah_rais_longhouse_04Each Bidayuh Longhouse has a main head house namely as Panggah. It is the Bidayuh’s most important structure that acts as a spiritual fortress to protect the village which contains a fireplace surrounded by the tribe’s notorious collection of human skulls!annah_rais_longhouse_05A cage hung from the ceiling with a display of real human skulls — centuries-old prized possessions of headhunters who came home victorious from their fights

Let’s watch Annah Rais Longhouse Adventure walkthrough

Last, the trip ended by the demonstration of Traditional Sugarcane Crushing.
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