Dota Language

Dota terms glossary Language is a method of human communication. It is the use of words in a structured and conventional way. However, Today is all about quick and mobile internet. Here is a list of the most common text message and chat expressions in...

The New Alphabet Taught to Kids Today

New Alphabet Learning The Alphabet that what we had learn is no longer useful for Today kids. Why ? Check This Out Here. We learned, A for Apple; B for Ball; C for Cat and D for Dog Please follow and like us:

Today Business Vs Last Time

Reduce the Quantity, Keep the Cost Down ? Generally, the primary activities of companies are to reduce their product cost and maximize their profit. However, to recover these costs through a price increase is not a good strategy. Therefore, reducing the amount is one of...

Creative Thai People During Floods

While flooding in Thailand This is the worst flooding in more than half a century for Thailand. However, there are some Creative Thai people are able to overcome the difficulty and living without fear and even enjoy their moment. Here some of the selected pictures...

Selected Friendly, Humorous and Cute Animal Photos

Funniest Animals Pics Here, I have selected the most Friendly, Humorous and Cute Animal Photos. Hope you all will like the selection, do drop in your comments and let me know which one is your flavor. Please follow and like us:

Why Women take longer time in the bathroom

How Women Spend time in the bathroom For man, Do you actually have a question why women take so long in the bathroom ? Here is your answer, the Bathroom User Instructions for Man and Women. Please follow and like us: