Creative & Unique MoonCake Collection

Crazy Moon Cake Design In Chinese Cultures, the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival fall on 15th Day of the 8th Month (Chinese Calendar). Generally, moon cakes are eaten to commemorate to Chinese legend and the bum is represent the “moon”. Today, moon cakes styles and flavors...

This is How Creative Eggs Can Be

Creative and Funny Eggs You may try to have the fun with the daily common things such as egg. Paint the eggs with funny emotion and some simple storyline. In particular, a good camera view to show this amazing scenes as shown below.

How to Reuse Plastic Bottle

Tips on Recycling Plastic Bottles Cap This might be useful to all of you. A nice idea to recycling your unused plastic bottle caps Good to share and Good to the environment

Thailand’s Got Talent Bell Nuntita Bought me 2 Thai Songs

Thailand’s Got Talent Season 1 Bell Nuntita This is the link share by my friend. After watched, I’m so impress for Bell’s voice and singing especially the two songs. In particular, she can sing well both male and female voice. Consequently, I tried to look...

The Difference between Marketing Advertising Public Relations Branding

Marketing Vs Branding Vs Public Relations Vs Branding Generally, this four-business term serve similar purpose but dissimilar functionality. So, What is Marketing ? What is Branding ? What is Public Relations ? and What is Branding ? Here, I found 4 interesting pictures from The...