Creative & Unique MoonCake Collection

Crazy Moon Cake Design

In Chinese Cultures, the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival fall on 15th Day of the 8th Month (Chinese Calendar). Generally, moon cakes are eaten to commemorate to Chinese legend and the bum is represent the “moon”.

Today, moon cakes styles and flavors change every years. And, this is one of the funny and unique Moon cake that I had seen.

Special Moon Cake - Creative

Here one set of collection, which are Full Monty, T-Back, Spread my cheeks and mind the gap.

Special Moon Cake - Creative

Next, Spread my cheeks, Full Moon, Mind the gap, D.I.Y, The split, T-Back, Bunny and Hot pants.

Special Moon Cake - Creative

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2 thoughts on “Creative & Unique MoonCake Collection

  1. Mooncakes have come a long way, sometimes I don’t know which one to buy as so many creative and tempting, just like the pics you have shared.

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