Fast Tips to Get Facebook Mafia War Games Items

Mafia War Games Items

Tips to Get The Illegal Transaction Records
Completing the job “Steal Bank Record” in the Capo level (Level 25-34).

This job requires:

* 30 energy
* 2 Getaway Cruiser
* 1 Armored Truck

Tips to Get Concealable Camera, Computer Set-up, and Untraceable Cell Phone
Completing the job “Rob an Electronics Store” in the Enforcer level (Level 13-17).

This job requires:

* 24 energy
* 2 Deliver Truck
* 3 Bullet proof Vest
* 5 Tommy Gun

Rob an Electronics Store job within the Enforcer job tier drops one of three items, a Concealable Camera, Computer Set-up, and the ever elusive Untraceable Cell Phone.

Completing the job “Obtain Compromising Photos” in the Hitman level (Level 18-24).

This job requires:

* 25 energy
* 1 concealable camera

Tips to get Satelite Phone in Mafia Wars?
The Satellite Phone drops from the “Hijack a Boat Load of Electronics” job in Bangkok’s Episode 3 tier which is called “Pirate” and the job is located in Chapter 2.

This job requires:

* 40 energy
* 3 Thai Sword
* 1 Khen Shield
* 1 Long Boat

Tips to get 1 pirate in Mafia Wars?

You’ll have to take over the Piracy Operation Business.

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