Formula For Success

8 Simple steps to formula Success

Step 1 Find your Passion
What should you do if you had all the money, and all the time in the world? What parts of your job and your life are consistent with your passion?

Step 2 Define Success
In the only terms that matter, yours.

Step 3: Know your personality style

Use this knowledge to achieve your goals

Step 4. Set Goals

Set SMART goals around every area of your life, and write them down
Click here for Tips to Setting Smart Goals

Step 5. Think!
Post your goals, and read them daily, to define your thoughts, which will shape your daily actions, which will lead you inevitably to your successful future.

Step 6. Operate with Integrity

Operate your life, that is, your personal and your professional life, because they cannot separated, just as you cannot live these two aspects of your life separately, in a way the exemplifies a man or woman of character. Be of the highest character in all your endeavors, and with whom you spend your time.

Step 7 Execute
Lay out a plan that helps you move toward your goals. Remember that your passion and goals will sustain you though the hard times, but never give-up, never quit.

Step 8 Give Back
Success when measured by what you alone achieve will never sustain you long term. Start now giving out a smile when you can, a helping hand, and realize you are planting the seeds of giving in your life that will enable you to look back on a long life, and feel it was well lived.

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