How to block a Person from seeing anything about you on Facebook?

Steps To Block someone from seeing your profile, wall and photo on Facebook

If someone harassing you after added him/her in Facebook (FB). What you can do is to block that person on FB. It is part of the Facebook privacy and security policies. Once you have block that person, he/she is no longer able to view anything about you in FB (unless he/she open another new a/c and add you again) .

3 very simple steps to block a person in Facebook, Check it out :)

1. Click “Account” on the top of your Facebook and then Click “Privacy Settings”

Block a Person in facebook

2. Click “Edit Block Lists” on the bottom of your facebook

Block a Person in facebook

3. Inside the box that I had highlighted, key in the username or email address to block hat person.

Block a Person in facebook
As a result, that person will no longer be able to see your profile, your wall, your photo , and you will not turn up in the person’s search results.

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