How to aid in Retraining the Mind

Retraining the Mind

To aid in retraining your mind, remember to ask yourself the following questions in all circumstances, private or interpersonal:

1. Do I Choose To Experience Peace Of Mind Or Do I Choose to Experience Conflict?

2. Do I Choose to Experience Love or Fear?

3. Do I Choose to Be A Love Finder Or A Fault Finder?

4. Do I Choose To Be A Love Giver Or A Love Seeker?

5. Is this Communication (Verbal Or Non-verbal) Loving To The Other Person And Is It Loving To Me?

Many of out thoughts, statements and action are not loving. If we want peace of mind, it is essential that our communications with other bring about a sense of joining. To have inner peace and to experience Love, we must be consistent in we think, say and do.

Reference: Gerald G

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