Individual years of tiger forecast 2010 (Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat)

Highlights Individual Years of Dragon, Snake, Horse and Goat

DRAGON 2000 1988 1976 1964 1952 1940

Highlights of Dragon of Individual Years
2000 Your teachers and parents would like you. Your impatience may cause problems with your classmates.
1988 You have multiple interests. There would be changes at work. You could start a new business if you want to.
1976 Do not be a guarantor for other people’s loans. Stay away from partnership business. Stay humble.
1964 You would travel a lot. This is a good year to get promoted or to expand your business.
1952 You may get new business opportunities or new tasks at work. You have fairly good luck this year. However, do not get greedy, otherwise you may get cheated.
1940 You would be easily agitated and tend to argue with people, especially with the younger folks. Stay calm, learn Tai hi or qigong.

SNAKE 2001 1989 1977 1965 1953 1941

Highlights of Snake of Individual Years
2001 You seem to have trouble focusing. Try to avoid too many other activities.
1989 Stay away from controversies and arguments. Do not listen to rumors. Talk less.
1977 Less quarrel, listen more. You have plenty of romances. Beware of misunderstandings.

1965 There tend to be too many arguments at home. Pay attention to your elder family members’ health. Watch out your personal belongings. Drive carefully.
1953 You tend to be moody and suspicious, thus making yourself unhappy and accident-prone. Learn something new. Make more friends. Exercise well.
1941 There is an illness sign with you. Rest and exercise well. Eat properly. Do not gamble

HORSE 1990 1978 1966 1954 1942 1930

Highlights of Horse of Individual Years
1990 This is a good year for you to study. You should be happy with your exams.
1978 Your money would come and go easily. There would be a breakthrough in your work. This is a good year to expand. In doing investments, do not overly trust or rely on the others.

1966 It is a very lucky year for you. Both fame and money would favor you. You should be up for promotions.
1954 You may go through some legal conflicts. Do not go to risky countries. Be conservative.
1942 You would be very playful, just like children. Enjoy life but do not gambl

GOAT 1991 1979 1967 1955 1943 1931

Highlights of Goat of Individual Years
1991 You may become too romantic and affect your studies. Weigh out your priorities.

1979 You would make money from your investments, but do not become too greedy (otherwise you may lose it). Your work is fairly stable.
1967 In dealing with your friends, try not to involve money. Do not lend or borrow money.
1955 Your money tends to come and go easily. Stay put with it. Do not gamble. Beware of accidents due to sharp objects.

1943 You have an urge to learn but also to buy things. Watch out your spending habits
1931 You tend to complain too much. Be patient and learn some new things.

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