My Macau and Hong Kong Trip – Day2

Macau & HongKong 1 Sep – 4 Sep 2007 (Day2)
Chapel of Our Lady of Penha

Chapel of Our Lady of Penha located at the top of Penha Hill, it affords views of the inner harbour, the magnificent Macau-Taipa bridge, and nearby towns in China.

Next, Proceed to The Macau Temple of A-Ma. It was built five centuries ago and is considered to be the oldest in Macau.

When the Portuguese sailors first landed on the peninsula and asked the name of the place, the natives replied “A-Ma-Gao” (Bay of A-Ma).

And so the peninsula was named Macau.

Temple of A-Ma

Macau Tower

Opened officially on 19th December 2001, the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre (MTCEC) comprises of a communications and observation Tower, a 4-level Convention & Entertainment Centre and a 2-level underground basement, as well as an Outdoor Plaza.

An observation deck with panoramic views, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls and the Skywalk X, a thrilling walking tour around the outer rim. It offers the best view of Macau and in recent years has been used for a variety of adventurous activities.

Kun Iam Statue

Located on the Outer Harbour, this statue, dedicated to Goddess of Kun Iam (Goddess of Mercy) is 20 meters tall and made of special bronze. The dome shape base like a lotus flower is an ecumenical centre where information is available on Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.

Walking tour from S.T Paul to Monte Fort

The Museu de Macau, or Macau Museum, is one of the best museums in Macau. Located within the Fortaleza do Monte, Museu de Macau provides a detailed explanation about the origin and development of Macau. The life-size reconstruction of period shops and streets makes it a wonderful visiting experience.


After lunch, took bus to Greyhound racing Macau

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