My Amazing Thailand Trip 2011-2012 – Part 2

Damnoen saduak floating market.

Day 2
Wake up early in the morning around 7 am as my next destination was to Damnoen saduak floating market. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is in Ratchaburi Province, about 100 kms southwest of Bangkok (Highway No. 4 (Phetchakasem Rd.) and turn left at Km. 80 for another 25 kms. along Bangpae- Damnoen Saduak Rd). To get there, we took car (THB 1200 per-trip).

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Arrived there around 9 am and it was the busier earlier morning. Generally, the market opens around 7:30 am to 12.30pm. Historically, Damnoenssaduak was actually the name of the canal dug in the reign of King Rama IV.

First, indoor shopping
All kind of souvenir can be seen in the market.

Breakfast time


The origin noodles in Thailand (left pic) Kanom Krok’ – Thai coconut pancakes (right pic)

Indoor Scene

Next, we take a boat ride along the canals. Traffic on the canal is wild and intense.

Damnoenssaduak is believed to be one of a well-known and an attractive travelling sites.

The Vendors of Damnoen saduak
Long tailed boat powered by diesel engine

Damnoen saduak Premium Outlet (Left Pic)
We stop at Coconut Sugar Farm. Here, you can witness the sugar-making processas well as free welcome drink.


Local villagers households

After spent about 3 hours there, we decided to heading back to BKK.

Once reached hotel, sleep.

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