My Amazing Thailand Trip 2012 - Part 4

Day 4 – Grand Palace & The Emerald

Today was my last day in Bangkok. Wake-up early in the morning to Grand Palace, Bangkok. After breakfast, we took Cab to this place. It cost less than THB 100. #click on pictures to enlarge


About 35+ minutes, we reached Grand Palace as no traffic jam in the morning. Elephant Monument Outside Grand Palace. Accordingly, white elephant is known as Chang Samkhan. People believe that white elephants will bring prosperity and happiness throughout the kingdom.


Officially, the Grand Palace open around 8.30 am. Therefore, we went to the Lak Muang – City Pillar Shrine(Open Hours : 05.30 am – 7.30 pm) that nearby Grand Palace as right now was 8.00 am.

The City Pillar Shrine
Inside the Bangkok city pillar shrine
Accordingly, The longer pillar is the original of Rama I, the shorter was added by King Mongkut (Rama IV).
Souvenir stalls along the road.

Tuk Tuk, the representative of Thailand transport

8:30 am now, we were heading to Grand Palace.

View of Wat Phra Kaew Complex from Northeast (right pic)

The entrance fees for foreign visitors are THB 400. However, for local Thai people are free of charge.


The entrance of The Wat Phra Kaew (left pic). Thotsakhirithon is the giant demon (Yaksha) guarding of Grand Palace (right pic).

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