Simple Steps to Creating a New Official Page (FaceBook)

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How to Creating a New Page

Firstly, there are 5 main Elements that you need to consider before you create your Facebook Page, Kindy refer to here.

After you’ve planned out what you need to display on the Page, you’re ready to start building it.

Follow these steps to create a new Page in Facebook:

1. Scroll to the bottom of any page and click the Advertising link.
Facebook opens the Facebook Advertising page.

2. Click the Pages link at the top. Facebook displays the Facebook Pages information.

3. Click the Create a Page button in the upper-right corner.

Another option, click the links here.

4. Click a category type. Try to choose a category that best matches the type of Page you’re creating, such as a local business, a brand or product, or a public figure. Each of the three main categories will display a sub-category drop-down list you can use to be more specific.

5. Click the drop-down list to narrow down your selection even further.

6. Type a name for the business, product, or public

7. Click the authorization check box and type in your signature name.

8. Click Create Page.

Now You can begin filling in the content for the Page, as needed!

Note: The Like button Starting today people will be able to connect with your Page by clicking “Like” rather than “Become a Fan.” We hope this action will feel much more lightweight, and that it will increase the number of connections made across the site.

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