Giveaway 21 Download Love Photoshop PSD Resource

21 Download Love Photoshop PSD Resource Today, I will showcase some of the simple Love PSD files for readers to Download. You might use this for any design purposes. The overall view is available at the bottom. These PSD files include Legend, Dream Pink Lady,...

How to remove Crow's feet in Photoshop ?

Simple Tip to Remove Crow’s feet in Photoshop Beauty Retouching in Photoshop Photoshop Tutorial : Remove unwanted line using stamp clone Crows’ feet are highlighted to be removed later Please follow and like us:

Spend Drawing of Wong Ka Kui

A Very Excellent spend drawing (Photoshop) of The leader of Beyond Rock Band ‘ Wong Ka Kui’ Found in 6cn Please follow and like us:

Sexy Fashion AD

Quite sexy, fashion and creative advertisement edited with some simple Photoshop effects. Anywhere, Can you see what kind of product they trying to market? As those are scanned images, the quality of the images are not so good. Please follow and like us:

Computer Graphic (CG)

CG stand for computer graphic. The term CG can be define as graphic that created by computer. Personally, the CG software that I normally use are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Lightwave 3D, Blender(Open source), GIMP(Open source), and etc Please follow and like us: