How to remove Crow's feet in Photoshop ?

Simple Tip to Remove Crow’s feet in Photoshop

Beauty Retouching in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial : Remove unwanted line using stamp clone

Photoshop Tip - Stamp Clone

  • Crows’ feet are highlighted to be removed later

Photoshop Tip - Stamp Clone

  • Create a new a layer (Ctrl+Shift+N) a.k.a retouching as shown above
  • Select the Clone Stamp tool.
  • Under Options settings, set 20% to 30% of Opacity .
  • Use a large brush size of about 100 pixels to a smaller 60-pixel brush.
  • Press ALT key and click on the point you wish to sample.
  • Click and drag your mouse to begin drawing the crow’s feet

Photoshop Tip - Stamp Clone

  • Lastly, select layer 1 and reduce the opacity to 80% to 60%
  • Done :)
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