Chinese Love Numbers and The Meaning

Chinese Love Numbers and Chat Codes

Chinese Love Numbers

China is a country that more than 5000 years history. Just like western country, numbers also play a significant role in daily life. Even today, numbers are still one of the most influenced Chinese customs. For instance, some of the Chinese try to avoid number 4 as it sound much like dead.  However, today’s post only covered Some of the important Chinese Love Numbers. In short, 0 represent you, 2 represent love and 5 represent I.

Love Numbers

0358 Do You Miss Me ? 你想我吧
04551 You’re my only one  你是我唯一
04592 You’re my beloved 你是我最愛
12945 I’m the one for your love 要愛就是我
1372 One-sided willingness 一廂情願
1573 Long-lasting Love 一往情深
20863 Love you till your  next life 愛你到來生
234 Follow your love 愛相隨
25184 Love me for a lifetime  愛我一輩子
258 Love me please 愛我吧
25873 Love me life time 愛我到今生
3344 All the lifetime  生生世世
3399 Forever and Ever 長長久久
35925 Miss me then Love me 想我就愛我
360 Miss you 想念你
51020 I still Loving you 我依然愛你
520 I love you 我愛你
521 I Do 我願意
5240 You’re my Love 我愛是你
530 I Miss You 我想你
53719 I still very Love you 我深情依舊
53770 Thinking of kissing you  我想親親你
53880 Thinking of hugging you 我想抱抱你
57520 I love you, My wife 吾妻我愛你
721 My Dear 親愛的
74839 Dont think about leaving 其實不想走
770 Kiss Kiss You 親親你
775 Kiss Kiss Me 親親我
82475 Being loved is happiness 被愛是幸福
825 Don’t love me 別愛我
885 Hug me 抱抱我
898 Break Up! 分手吧
910 Just want you 就要你
918 Cheer up! 加油吧
940 Is You 就是你

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