The Basic of Storyboarding and Samples

What is Storyboarding ?

Story Boarding

In brief, Storyboard is graphical visualisation of shot sequence. Accordingly, it developed by animation studios during the early 1930s. Generally, the panel of storyboard consist of the timeline and interaction. Each of the panel of storyboard gives explanation, camera angle, lighting information and actions of the scene. Meanwhile, you can use arrows and sign to indicate your character, objects or camera motion. In addition, camera shot such up close-up shot.

There is no rules indicated what are elements of storyboarding. Generally, the elements that should be included are images/drawing, transitions, voiceover, background music and effect.In term of drawing, the drawings be simple schematic or digital format.

Why Storyboarding ?

Personally, the purpose of storyboarding is to refine ideas. It provides a clear picture of your overall video. You may easily to help you to explore various of possibilities. In particular, to save more cost and time before the post-production.

Here, the samples of story-boarding
Story Boarding
Story Boarding
Story Boarding

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