How to describe and interpret pictures ?

Describe Art and interpret pictures for Communication Design

To effectively describe art and picture is an acquired skill for designer. Moreover, being able to analysis and study the content of artwork allow you to gain better understanding of the subject matter. To do this, there are three simple steps to help you.
Art Picture

Step 1: Introduction
Give a general overview of the picture.
(What, When, Where, Who and How)

For instance, “This picture was probably taken at Marina Bay Sands. It shows iLight Art Festival .”
MArina Bay Sand ilight

Step 2: Description & Interpretation

– State the purpose and the most significant part of the picture.
– Background / Environment information.
– Interpretation in details of main objects in the pictures.
(What, When, Where and Who and How)
The purpose of image

The following post may help to determine  -> what is the purpose of the picture ?


Step 3: State the elements of art and analyse
The elements of Art include line, shape, form, space, texture, value and color. Give analysis base on the elements of art.

Line Art
Read more about Visual Communication – Lines

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