The 4 keys for an effective ‘Thank you’

How to Say “Thank you”

1. Say your thanks clearly and distinctly.

By speaking plainly you leave no doubt in the person’s mind that you mean your thanks. Be glad you’re saying it. When others over hear you giving thanks, t amplifiers its effectiveness.

2. Look at the person and touch them.

Making eye contact with the person reinforces your sincerity and a light brush on the point of their elbow with your hand will reinforce your thanks and make it more memorable.

3. Use the person’s name

Personalize your thanks. “Thank you, Shawn” is far more powerful than “Thank you”.

4. Send a written ‘thank you’ note

This is the best ‘thank you’ when the situation allows for it. A face-to-face ‘thank you’ comes next in impact, followed by a telephone ‘thank you’. And a text message is better than saying nothing.

Be sincere when you thank a person. Let them know your thanks are genuine.

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