Top 10 Power Tools for Relationships and Love

Top 10 Tips for Relationships and Love

Relationships and Love

1. Mirrors

Love is energy and energy is living thing. Control this energy by bouncing it around the room using mirrors.

2. Candles

Candles generate heat and energy. Heat up your corner and heat up your love life.

3. Hot Tub

It’s about as hot and steamy as it gets.

4. Fresh Flowers

Dandelions from the crack in the sidewalk, or long-stem roses. And continuing in the plant category: mistletoe is an obvious choice for love and relationships.

5. Think Pink

Soft, satiny, sensuous pink, Fresh, frosty, frilly pink. Pink feels like love, so let it color your corner.

6. Anything Red

The power is in the feeling of the color. Red hearts are obvious, but use what you have: a jar of maraschino cherries, a can of tomato soup, a silk scarf, a notebook, a red-hot chili pepper.

7. Undergarments

Does this ready need an explanation

8. Sensual Sounds

Since musical taste is in the ear of the beholder, you’re on your own a little here.

9. Symbols That mean Love to you

Get creative. For examples, a bride-and-groom wedding cake decoration.

10.  Equality

Make sure there is equality on both sides of bed. Two matching nightstands are best. Don’t take one of the matching tables and is it in another part of the house. This will cause imbalance in a relationship

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