Top 4 Fengshui Bath Room Tips

The Bath Room

The Bathroom presents a rather delicate situation because water, the fundamental element in this room, plays a dual role. It is essential for washing away dirt and eliminating impurities, but at the same time, water is the symbol of money.

Because daily bathroom routines require flushing quantities of water out of the house, you must arrange this room carefully or your families finances could literally o down the drain!

4 Important Tips for The Bath Room

1. Should not face the front door, or else the occupants’ wealth along withe the good ch’i that enters through the door, will be flushed away.

2. Should not be directly above the front entrance because this arrangement portends disaster for the family.

3. Should not be in a central part of the house – this is, it should have at least one outside wall. This is part a function of good ventilation. But this rule also stems from the belief that the center of the home should be the hub of activity, and thus is ideally the location of a living room or family room.

4. Should not be close to or above the kitchen. A bathroom above the kitchen means that waste is flushed past a key area of the home.

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