Travel : Turkey Welcome ShawnLiv – Part4

Day 5 Pamukkale – Konya –Cappadocia 14 Dec 2014

14 Dec 2014
Breakfast at hotel.

After breakfast, we have travelled a long road to Cappadocia via Konya, the famous old capital of the Selcuk Turks.


Half way tea break stop
Lunch at Kirazlibahce.

After many hours, finally we reach Sultanhani Caravanserai. It was a hotel for ancient traders and travellers in the 13th-century. It is one of the three monumental caravanserais in the neighbourhood of Aksaray.

Square stone kiosk-mosque of Sultan Han


Last, heading to Dinler Hotel Nevsehir for dinner.

Two night stay here, the room was small but adequate and the bathroom was spacious, clean and spacious. To add on, our bathroom was actually with a very relaxing and functioning Jacuzzi.


End of Day 5

Day 6 Cappadocia 15 Dec 2014

Wakeup early morning around 4:00 am for Flying a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey. No doubt, Cappadocia is one of the top hot air balloon spots in the world, with its fairy chimneys and pigeon valleys as well as the rock formations. Depart around 4:30 am to Royal Balloon Hotel to wait and get clearance for flying. Meanwhile, having our breakfast there. The food there was simple and normal. According to our tour guide, Royal Ballon is one of the top class flights in Cappadocia that focus more on the safety and comfort as well as with experienced pilots. Next, the balloons, which produces and manufactured from British firm Lindstrand is the world’s most qualified hot air ballons. As a result, their prices are slightly higher compare to the others. We paid about USD 220 per-person.


After few hours bad news come, Red Valleys indicated that bad weather conditions. We have to try our luck next day. To add on, the best flying weather is from April through October.

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