Valentine Special: Valentine's Day Flowers Recommendation

Flowers & Their Meanings-Valentine’s Day

Start planning for your 2009 Valentine Day?
Have you decide the perfect surprise for your lover ?
Gift of exotic flowers to your valentine?

Here’s a short list of Valentine’s Day Flowers recommendation to help you to decide your exotic flowers for your love.

True Love:

Powder rose, dendrobium monile orchid and deodar cedar

Be thankful for everything :

19 red roses, maidenhair and Canadian oriole

Now and Forever:

19 calla lilies.

Loving You Every Day:

11 red roses

Tell You I Love You:

9 assorted roses +10 flameray gerberas

Recollection of a Dreamland:

19 yellow roses, absorbed and the cuban royal palm

Deep affection:

24 Powder rose

Always Be with you:

Sunflower, cloud Long Liu, asterism wood

Memory for a blessing:

Perfume lily matching with soaks abundantly.

Spend all the time together:

16 different color of rose bouquet

First Love :

19 White Roses

Love manifesto:

19 Red Roses

Intimate spouse:

19 Red roses

Only You:

36 yellow roses, 20 yellow cushion

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