World Top 10 Youtube Videos of 2018

The Top YouTube Videos of 2018

Almost the end of 2018, which video was the most-viewed on YouTube videos? Check this out!

10. “NGƯỜI TRONG GIANG HỒ PHẦN 6” by KhangProFilm

9. “Behan Bhai Ki School Life” by Amit Bhadana

8. “Cobra Kai Ep 1 – ‘Ace Degenerate’ – The Karate Kid Saga Continues” by Cobra Kai

7. “Build Swimming Pool Around Underground House” by Primitive Survival Tool

6. “Portugal v Spain – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – MATCH 3” by FIFATV

5. “Do You Hear “Yanny” or “Laurel”? (SOLVED with SCIENCE)” by AsapSCIENCE

4. “Walmart yodeling kid” by Sonell Official

3. “we broke up” by David Dobrik

2. “Real Life Trick Shots 2” by Dude Perfect

1. “To Our Daughter” by Kylie Jenner

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