Your Lucky Color in the year of 2012 (Dragon Year)

Your Lucky Color Tips based on your birth year animals

Happy Chinese New Year CNY by Shawn Liv
Choosing Clothing Color Tips during Chinese New Year 2012 (Dragon Year)?
Don’t Know your birth-year animal? Check it out here

Birth year animals Lucky Color
Rat Gray, Blue, Black
Ox Yellow, White, Gold
Tiger Gray, Red, Yellow, Purple
Rabbit Red, Green, Blue,
Dragon Red, Green, Blue, Black
Snake Green, Orange, Yellow

Birth year animals Lucky Color
Horse White, Brown, Red, Purple
Goat Yellow, Blue, Gray, Brown
Monkey Coffee colored, Yellow,white
Roaster Coffee colored, Red, Yellow
Dog Red, Green, Jade Green
Pig Brown, Purple, Coffee colored
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  1. Hi Shawn, my friends and i can’t open your wrtie-up on the auspicious dates to start work for CNY 2012, is there any way you can post it in the front page instead? thanks alot! 

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