Bad Example of Sale Advertising Design ?

Try to contain your excitement

Harvey Nichols is one of the international retailer and distributor of branded luxury goods based in Hong Kong. However, the recent advertising campaign received of some bad feedback and comments. In particular, their slogan “Try to contain your excitement” and the Photography. Some think that this is kind of joke for an international brand but some think this is interesting. So what do you think ?
Bad Example of Sale Advertising Design?
Bad Example of Sale Advertising Design?

Yet another example of PSP Ad in Holland “Racists feel” .
Bad Example Ads PHP

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One thought on “Bad Example of Sale Advertising Design ?

  1. Well, I don’t get it and I don’t find anything excited in the Harvey Nichols ad. Wonder why they have such a slogan. Maybe, just to catch our attention? Isn’t it much better if they have..”Harvey is here to stay!”

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