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Since 16th centrury, street painting has been existed in Europe country. In the 21th century, street painting has becoming known for the young generation around the world. Generally, many street painting artists try to send their messages or point of view to the public base on their painting. Here, there are some creative and funny street paintings for your spot.

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  1. Hello Shawn,

    The Street Art that you are showing in your post is very impressive and we respect the art form, but the street painting art form that started in the 16th century is known as the the work drawn in chalk pastels on the ground which washes away after a rain. The Madonnari (street painting artists) traveled around Italy during the many holidays (Holy Days) creating chalk drawings to celebrate those times. During the Second World War, many of the madonnari were disrupted in their activity, but some of the remaining artists were brought together at the first International Street Painting Festival in Grazie, Italy in 1972. Many of these artists were elderly, some in their 90’s at that time. This festival inspired creative individuals who started the street painting festival movement in the USA starting in 1987 and has been growing worldwide ever since. Many festivals are designed to ‘give back’ to their communities, supporting the arts education in their local schools, bringing art to the people who can benefit from art’s theraputic and supportive qualities. Some of the art is 2-D reproductions of famous artworks of history, others are created in the 3-D style with the use of anamorphosis, in which the art will have an increased sense of depth or an object will seem to pop up when seen through a video lens at a fixed point. If you would like to learm more about the street painting art form that means a lot to us and groups of street painters around the world, please visit ‘Blog Now on’ with interviews with popular street painters and festival directors from the USA and internationally.

  2. what a great picture… very creative… in my country that kind of painting is almost cant be found… the wall just full of the picture of political candidate who wanna be go to the house of representative… so poor…

  3. Thank all for the comment ^^

    Very thank to Anthony Cappetto to give a such good introduction about the art of street painting. Yes, I would like to know how about it by visiting your site, thank for your link ^^

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