CopyWriting Tips for Websites

Basic CopyWriting Guide for Website

How to write on the screen?
What is the best method to attract viewer in the first page
without scrolling down the page ?

Follow the instruction as shown below
Writing Keyboard

5 Simple rules to do that.

1. Headline (about 3 to 7 words)
– A poor headline will render your article or post invisible

2. Sub-Heading (about 7 to 15 words maintain in a single line)
– The expand of your main headline.

3. Introduction Sentence (about 18 to 28 words)
– The expand of your Sub-Heading ( Reader Perspective)

4. Bullet Points (3 to 5 points)
– The keywords of the main benefits or messages

5. Description
– The description or explanation of your bullet points (one by one)

Sample Website

Sample of Copywriting Tip for web

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