CopyWriting Tips for Websites

Basic CopyWriting Guide for Website How to write on the screen? What is the best method to attract viewer in the first page without scrolling down the page ? Follow the instruction as shown below Please follow and like us:

Top 3 Secret of Steve Jobs Presentation

You also Can Become a Top Presenter like Steve Jobs As we know, Steve Jobs is the most captivating communicator on the world stage. If you adopt just some of his techniques, your ideas and presentations will stand out in a sea of mediocrity. No....

The 17 Powerless Phrases you must Remove from Your Vocabulary

People Skills This is a list of some of the most damaging words and phrases you can speak. These phrases appear to say one thing while they in fact reveal the emotions, feeling and prejudices of the speaker. Eliminate them from your own vocabulary because...

The 12 Most Powerful Words You Can Use

The 12 Most Powerful Words You Can Use A study at the University of California shoed the most persuasive words in spoken language are: Please follow and like us:

Words To Elimate

People Skills Another Process for retaining the mind has to do with recognizing the impart of the words we use. The words in the list that follows are commonly used in the messages we give to ourselves and others. The use of these words continues...