The 17 Powerless Phrases you must Remove from Your Vocabulary

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This is a list of some of the most damaging words and phrases you can speak. These phrases appear to say one thing while they in fact reveal the emotions, feeling and prejudices of the speaker. Eliminate them from your own vocabulary because they detract from your credibility.

What is said What is heard
Kind of …

Sort of thing …

You’re not confident or don’t know what you’re talking about
You know what I mean You’re unsure of what you’re saying
The Wife/ Husband / partner Depersonalization of your partner




Believe me

People who are about to be dishonest, insincere, exaggerate or tell a lie often begin sentences with these words
Of course You’re trying to force agreement
Should / Ought You’re trying to force agreement through guilt or a sense of duty
Don’t get me wrong You’re about to say something negative or critical
In my humble opinion You’re about to make an egotistical statement
I don’t want to be … That’s what you really want to be;

e.g ‘ I don’t want to be nude’ is followed by a rude statement

I’ll try I don’t expect to succeed
I’ll do my best My best isn’t good enough
With respect I have no respect for you

Be aware of these powerless words and phrases and make a point of eliminating them from your vocabulary

So, what words to use ?

Kindly refer to : The 12 Most Powerful Words You Can Use
Source:Brian Tracy

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